Flexschool nontraditional school

A 21st century schoolhouse for gifted and 2e students
who yearn for academic adventure

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A schoolhouse for the 21st century, designed for those gifted and twice-exceptional middle school, high school, and post-graduate students who are not thriving in traditional school. FlexSchool’s amazing faculty focuses on critical thinking in all areas of learning; a “toolbox” concept emphasizing how to learn rather than an “encyclopedia” concept emphasizing specific material (though all core bases are covered in depth!). We focus on our students’ strengths through academically rigorous courses, and then provide any support a student needs. FlexSchool is an accredited school providing a high quality, discussion-based, experiential educational experience for students who want more.

FlexSchool has two locations: Fanwood, NJ and New Haven, CT. We also offer our innovative live online learning interface, Cloud Classroom.

‘Without affection,’ J.V. Milne once wrote, ‘the schoolroom is a hard, forbidding place. With love, it becomes the next best place to home.’


FlexSchool is pleased to announce its accreditation by Middle States Commissions on Middle & Secondary Schools!


Upcoming Calendar

4/7-4/14 Spring Recess

4/21 Quarter 3 Ends

4/24 Quarter 4 Begins

5/26-5/29 Memorial Weekend

6/14 Last Day of School/Quarter 4 Ends



Thank you so much. This is the first year I haven't despised school.

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Flexschool has been a great way for me to reach my full potential and learning capacity (though I haven’t really ...

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I love the way the teachers work with my son to tailor assignments to his strengths while helping him to ...

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FlexSchool has been a blessing. It’s tough seeing your child miserable every day when you drop him off at school. ...

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