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The Voice (with a PhD) Comes to FlexSchool

Julieanne Klein, a formally trained opera singer with a doctorate in music, visited us today.  She discussed the state of current pop music and talked about how music can be a refuge for the soul.   Julianne traced electronic music from the 19th century through today and discussed a wide array of artists from Bob Dylan to Bjork to Beyonce.  We learned how Julianne was originally trained as a classical pianist then as an opera singer.  After touring several times throughout Europe and North America, Julianne stopped singing and playing, got a bunch of tattoos, and went on a journey to Tanzania in Africa where she was reminded of her passion for world music.  Julianne talked about other world music, too, like Lebanese Electronic and Portuguese Fado.

flexschool music educationAfter a short break, the students joined Julianne performing some breathing and vocal exercises which led to singing songs from The Sound of Music to those of Sam Smith.  The students were encouraged to be silly when they were singing, and they were swinging to the beat of Pharrell among others.  Julianne wanted to be exposed to what the kids were listening to so she gathered a list of recommended artists from the students, who were eager to share.  The students talked about their appreciation of Celtic music, British musicians, and soundtracks to Japanese anime.  Many of us will surely be belting out tunes in the car or the shower thanks to Julianne’s suggestions!  FlexFridays are fun and educational all wrapped into one, just like FlexSchool.

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