Virtual Cloud Classroom

Cloud Classroom Video Learning

FlexSchool welcomes students in grades 1-12 and post-graduate from anywhere in the world through Cloud Classroom, our real-time live online learning portal.

We recognized, years before the pandemic, that virtual learning, done correctly, would be an essential tool for breaking the barriers and meeting the needs of 2e students, regardless of their physical location. So while many versions of remote learning had to be hastily implemented in 2020 as an emergency response to the pandemic, ours began in 2015, and has the distinction of being the longest running remote learning option for 2e students in the world.

Courses offered each year on campuses are available during the U. S. Eastern time hours of 8:00 am and 3:00 pm. One-on-one classes are available in any time zone and at any hour. Our learning and emotional support specialists are available to work with students via Cloud Classroom just as they would in person.
    • Cloud Classroom for International Students

Cloud Classroom for International Students

International students will find that Cloud Classroom not only provides access to our amazing faculty but it is also fun and easy to use. Students have joined us from Switzerland, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, China, and Bermuda. For students who are unable to attend during FlexSchool Eastern time class periods, our full course list is available as private courses. We are also happy to assist families on foreign professional or military assignments with the paperwork if they are applying for reimbursement.
This article from Edsurge explains some of the benefits of remote learning for the neurodivergent students.