Distinctive Programs



A designated period for students to pursue their passions and receive support.


Every morning, students have a 15-minute advisory period, 
during which they practice and build important executive functioning skills.


  • Catch-Up Cafe – Time to make up work, with or without support
  • Social Pragmatics – Discussion-based learning programs teach the art of constructive communication, including perspective taking, active listening, and respectful debate
  • Writing Workshop – Work on writing projects or get support to hone writing skills! 
    • Best Gifted School | Best 2e School | Filled-out Journal Page

Talent Development

An engaging, individualized talent-development program within FlexTime, Talent Development is a designated period for students to pursue their passions and receive support. Like the 20% time provided to Google employees, FlexTime ensures that students have time to explore academic passions. Once students have completed any unfinished work in Catch-Up Cafe, they are free to choose how they spend their time:

  • Interest Centers –Interest-based activities invite kids to follow their curiosity
  • Guided Passion Projects – authentic passion projects allow students to choose a trimester-long project while teachers and learning specialists organically infuse executive functioning learning and practice into the experience 
  • Chosen Activities – Wordmasters Challenge, Math/Science Competitions, or Literary Magazine 
  • EXPLORE – options to choose independent reading, Renzulli Learning, interest centers, tinkering time, STEAM challenge, or propose a different idea