Distinctive Programs

Long Term Project

Long-term projects provide students with the opportunity to dive deeply into a topic they are particularly interested in.
Once their choices are approved, students have time in school, usually on Fridays, to make progress. Advisors check in with students, help with brainstorming and planning. Many students struggle with organizing, planning, breaking large projects into manageable parts, getting started, etc., also called executive functioning skills.

Executive functioning skills are not particularly interesting to learn, so we have found that students are more interested in learning these skills if they need them to achieve their long-term projects.

In May of each year, students present their work to the community.

Recent Projects

List of 10 items.

  • Paper-Mache Surface of Mars

  • Series of Themed Paintings

  • Creating a Video Game

  • Film Shorts Inspired by Movies

  • Stock Market Investing

  • Dioramas of Three Cantos of The Divine Comedy

  • Classic Arcade Cabinet for Flex School

    (with accomodations for children with disabilities)
  • Creating and Marketing a New Card Game

  • Original Mixtape

  • Writing a Memoir