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  • Mar

    Movement Lesson with Marion Jones

    On Friday, March 3rd, ArtsWestchester resident Marion Jones will be leading a movement lesson on the Bronxville Campus. Marion specializes in African dance and theatre. She has used dance and drumming to tell stories and re-enact historical events. She integrates movement with social studies, math, and science at schools throughout Westchester. She teaches a variety of dance forms and hopes to inspire Bronxville students and staff to get moving!
  • Primary Sources with Macculloch Hall

    On Friday, March 3rd, educators from Macculloch Hall will bring Berkeley Heights students an important part of history. Students will learn about Captain Nathaniel Gordon, the only American slave trader to ever be tried, convicted, and executed following the capture of the Erie Ship - which rescued 800 people from enslavement. Students will piece the story together using primary sources such as newspapers and statements from Abraham Lincoln.
  • Panhandle- Plains Museum visits the Cloud Campus

    On Friday, March 3rd, students on the Cloud campus will be visited by educators from the Panhandle- Plains Museum based out of Texas. Students will learn about the life and gear of Cowboys and Native Americans. This program will talk about their Most Valuable Possessions. Using artifacts and historical photos, students will learn about what would've been worn and carried to survive a series of obstacles on the Southern Plains.
  • Mar

    Cloud Town Hall

    Cloud Campus town hall meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 11:00 in Caroline's Zoom room.
  • Mar

    Cloud Town Hall

    Cloud Campus town hall meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 11:00 in Caroline's Zoom room.
  • Parent Workshop

    Parent Workshops will be held on the first Tuesday of each month in Caroline's Zoom room.
  • Mar

    Dave & Buster's x FlexSchool

    Bronxville students worked hard all trimester and successfully met the lofty goal of earning 300,000 points for following our Classroom Expectations! For meeting the goal, they have earned a trip to Dave & Buster's on Friday, March 10th! Students will depart from the Bronxville campus at 12:00 PM and return by our usual dismissal of 3:00 PM. 
  • NJ SsSnake Man visits Berkeley HeightssSs

    On Friday, March 10th, the NJ Snake Man will visit the Berkeley Heights campus for an educational assembly. Students will get to view and learn about all types of snakes and other reptiles. They'll view a unique feeding session and learn how snakes are best handled.
  • Rubbings with Artist Lana Yu

    On Friday, March 10th, Cloud students will Zoom in with Hawaii-based artist Lana Yu. "Rubbings" are a fantastic way to capture the shape and texture of an object. It’s a technique that was used in the second century to disseminate ancient Confucian texts that were incised in stone. Later, this technique would be used to record leaf shapes and botanical samples. Let’s have fun exploring this fascinating technique!

    For this activity, please come prepared with items that you are interested in "tracing." Some examples include leaves, coins, buttons, and rubber bands. More suggested materials to follow!
  • Mar

    Professional Development

    Professional Development will be held in Lynne's Zoom room.

  • Mar

    Parent Support Group

    Parent Support groups are offered on Wednesdays in the middle of each month in Caroline's Zoom room.
  • Parent Support Group

    Parent Support groups are offered on Wednesdays in the middle of each month in Caroline's Zoom room.
  • Mar

    Trip to the Hudson River Museum

    On Friday, March 17th, students from the Bronxville campus will head to the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers. Students and staff will be treated to a Planetarium Showing and a hands-on workshop with museum educators. Students will be given information about various Solar System objects and tasked with putting them into categories of their own devising. They'll model the work of astronomers as they come up with a rationale for their classification scheme.

    Students will need to come prepared with a packed lunch. We will be departing promptly at 10:15 AM.
  • Berkeley Heights Event Planners Present....

    On Friday, March 17th, Event Planners on the Berkeley Heights campus will be hosting a movie "night"! 

    They will be showing the Lego Batman movie. Families are more than welcome to attend. Bring pillows and sleeping bags if you like. They will also be collecting food donations for Feed My Starving Children. We appreciate any contributions you can make.
  • St. Patricks Day Through Irish Eyes & Feet

    Why is St. Patrick’s Day such a widely celebrated holiday, and what makes the Irish such a fierce and proud people? In this virtual "trip" students look through the Irish perspective and catch a glimpse of what the Irish have endured, why St. Patrick is such an important figure to them, and how Celtic culture has sustained their spirit.

    In the process, Cloud students will try out Irish dancing, sing Irish songs, and learn about Celtic myths.

    In this program, students will go beyond familiar associations of leprechauns and shamrocks to appreciate and understand how St. Patrick drove the Druids from Ireland, the nature of the music that sprang from the harp of Celtic god The Dagda, what occurred on the Hill of Tara, and how the Irish Wheel is a symbol akin to those of Native American cultures. Unraveling the mysterious knots of Irish culture and legacy makes for a fascinating adventure of discovery!
  • Mar
  • Mar

    Sand Lab - Oceans to go!

    On Friday, March 24th, Berkeley Heights students will be visited by the NJ Sea Grant Consortium (NJSC). NJSC operates under the mission of promoting the wise use of New Jersey’s marine and coastal resources. Students will learn where sand comes from, what it is made from and how it gets to the Jersey Shore. A laboratory will be set up on campus and students will use microscopes and hand lenses to investigate sand samples from near and far. “Make and take” activities include sand wheels, sand art, and sand cards.
  • All About Air with Long Island Science Center

    On Friday, March 24th, the Cloud Campus will be joined by educators from the Long Island Science Center. Students will investigate the properties of air by thinking about balloons, bags, and hair dryers. Participants will learn that air takes up space, has weight, and exerts pressure. The workshop will include a discussion of Bernoulli’s Principle and flying objects!
  • NJ SsssSnakeman visits Bronxville

    On Friday, March 24th, the NJ Snake Man will visit the Bronxville campus for an educational assembly. Students will get to view and learn about all types of snakes and other reptiles. They'll view a unique feeding session and learn how snakes are best handled.
  • Mar

    Bronxville x Bronx Zoo

    On Friday, March 31st, Bronxville students will venture to the Bronx Zoo. Why and how do scientists study animal behavior? To explore these questions, we'll observe animals up close in the classroom and on exhibit. Using ethograms to collect and analyze data, students will leave with a better understanding of animal behavior and the tools that scientists use to study wildlife. After the workshop, we will have time to explore the Zoo in groups!

    Please plan to dress for the weather, pack a lunch, and be prepared to leave campus by 11 AM.
  • Virtual Visit to the Wolf Conservation Center

    On Friday, March 31st, students from the Cloud Campus will learn from Wolf Experts from the Wolf Conservation Center. Students will learn about wolf history, diet, behavior, and more while viewing the WCC's gray wolves. There's also the potential chance to observe some of the critically endangered red wolves and endangered Mexican gray wolves that reside at the WCC. Cloud students will learn about the mission of the Wolf Conservation Center, and have a chance to see how they're handled and cared for.
  • Aerospace with Chille Bergstrom

    On Friday, March 31st, the Berkeley Heights campus will be visited by Chille Bergstrom. Chille (pronounced like chilly - she/her) began studying aerospace engineering at age 8 through MIT and was named 'Space Futurist' at age 10 by MIT's Media Lab. Fifteen-year-old Chille has worked with the International Space Station National Lab, the World Design Organization, UNHCR, NASA & Boeing. She will be speaking to students about aerospace engineering and how disabilities are hyper-abilities in space.
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