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COVID-19 Update

FlexSchool provides the live, engaging, all-day instruction and support your child needs and deserves -- even online.

COVID-19 - Update August 20

FlexSchool’s Reopening Plan
As public schools began to announce their reopening plans, we noticed a pattern emerging: Safety, student mental health and a high-quality learning experience were frequently being presented as conflicting interests -- as though prioritizing one necessarily meant compromising others.

We disagreed! That’s why, when planning for the 2020-2021 school year, we determined that three things were non-negotiable at FlexSchool: 

  1. Students’ social and emotional needs can’t wait. After an extended separation from their peers, students need and deserve immediate, safe opportunities to connect -- in person.

    Our solution: We will hold outdoor, in-person events every week! On FlexFridays -- a cornerstone of the FlexSchool experience -- students will engage in real-world learning activities while practicing important safety protocols such as mask-wearing and social distancing in a forgiving outdoor setting.

  2. Safety can’t be compromised. We cannot and will not take unnecessary risks with the health or lives of anyone in our school community or their loved ones.

    Our solution: Students will begin the school year online. From day one, we will monitor the latest developments and begin preparing our buildings, so that we’ll be ready to return to campus as soon as evidence confirms we can safely do so.

  3. Quality of the learning experience can’t be sacrificed. Our students are entitled to a top-quality learning experience, no matter where they learn.

    Our solution: We’ve enhanced our already-robust online learning environment to provide streamlined access to content, seamless, real-time support and tons of individualized enrichment and talent-development opportunities for our gifted and 2E learners.
Remote learning is helping our gifted community stay connected! Jacqui Parr Byrne wrote this really helpful article about how to accommodate IEP/504 students while teaching online.  

Students Thrive at FlexSchool

Our robust, dynamic online learning environment was fully established and thriving years before the Covid-19 epidemic. That’s why, as the rest of the world scrambled to go digital, we were able to seamlessly transition to a rich remote classroom experience on day one.

We know that relationships become even more important during uncertain times. Our caring faculty and staff remain a reassuring presence in our students’ daily lives, conducting our full-day class schedule in real-time, and providing students with the stability, structure and sense of connection they need to feel supported and secure. At the same time, friendships first forged on FlexSchool campuses continue to grow and strengthen in our virtual classrooms.

List of 3 items.

  • Fully interactive cloud classrooms

    Every FlexSchool course is already designed to keep our cloud campus students just as engaged as those in the physical classrooms, through multimodal instructional strategies that make learning accessible and exciting -- no matter which way your child learns best.
  • Live enrichment, every week

    A cornerstone of the FlexSchool model has always been FlexFriday -- a weekly experiential learning opportunity in which our students can make meaningful real-world connections through activities such as field trips, service days and visiting speakers. We continue to provide this wonderful program online, where our students engage with live guides and enjoy fully interactive learning experiences every single week. Recent examples include a live studio tour and talk by British artist Gavin Watson, and an interactive 3D modeling activity with MacInspires.
  • Real-time learning support

    Academic gifts are frequently accompanied by learning and social-emotional differences. Throughout this transition, we’ve continuously provided a safe space where our kids can flourish with the all-day, real-time support of our highly trained staff.