Eeeek! Exploring The Icky Side Of Ecosystems

This enormous Madagascar hissing cockroach was just the first of five creepy creatures -- including a tarantula, a frog and more --  that this brave museum educator handled live, all for the benefit of our latest FlexFriday program. 

In this two-campus event, our live guide from the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum and the Leslie Nature Center, introduced FlexSchool students to an entire cast of characters who each play a key role in a food chain. Students were then invited to create a paper model of the food chain themselves.

Along this guided tour up the food chain, we discussed how these animals are all connected, and learned about the delicate balance that allows them to survive both individually and as wildlife sharing a habitat.

This discussion tied in beautifully to FlexSchool’s theme of the year, which was introduced earlier that morning during Town Hall: Systems.