FlexSchool is a private middle and high school that specializes in motivating and supporting gifted and twice-exceptional (2e) students. We individualize our coursework to accelerate when possible and decelerate when necessary, always celebrating strengths and meeting students where they are.

Our Campuses

Online, our "Cloud Campus" offers live, ability-based classes designed around discussion and experiential learning. When needed, integrated support for executive functioning skills, learning challenges, anxiety, advanced social pragmatics, and writing. Students are welcome to enroll in FlexSchool full- or part-time.

In person, our NJ and NY campuses are intentionally located in the heart of the communities we serve, offering convenient transportation access and proximity to local events, activities, and resources.

Why Choose FlexSchool?

Many highly creative, eager gifted students struggle to thrive in school. Some lose their confidence, their sense of purpose and finally their will to try. Twice-exceptional students experience similar challenges. Whether they are impacted by a specific learning disability, poor executive functioning, slow processing speed, ASD, anxiety, or even intense stubbornness to “do things their way,” they are stuck.

Whether online or on campus, our unique approach of ability and discussion-based classes, small class size, and social and emotional support allows students to take risks and thrive in ways they haven’t been able to in their previous school environments. In addition, attending a school with students like themselves provides a space for students to find friends, practice social skills with a forgiving student body, and learn to appreciate and accept the quirks of others.

The FlexSchool Story


Upcoming Events

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  • May

    Memorial Day Weekend - No Classes

    Memorial Day Weekend - no classes

    Memorial Day
  • Jun

    Flexible Festival

    FlexSchool's Berkeley Heights campus School of Rock class is hosting the Flexible Festival: A Celebration of Music and Art on June 3, 2022 from 6:00-8:00.  The event features the talents of FlexSchool's students and is planned outside on the school campus. It will be moved inside in the case of inclement weather.  The suggested donation is $5.00 and the funds will be donated to Amnesty International.  Baked goods will be for sale, too.
  • Jun

    Parent Workshop: LGBTQ+ In 2e Children

    All FlexSchool parents are invited to participate in this counselor-led workshop on LGBTQ students. This online workshop will be held in Caroline Schuepbach's RingCentral room.
  • Jun
  • Jun

    Last Day Of School

  • Jun

    Graduation Day!

    103,600 Graduation Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector Graphics ...
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