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Our Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission

FlexSchool creates safe spaces where gifted and 2e students can explore their passions, embrace their challenges, and find a community of teachers and friends who understand and accept them as they are.
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FlexSchool's Core Values

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  • Respect Yourself

    • You are fine the way you are. If there is something you want to change about yourself, you will do so when you are ready.
    • You speak up when you do not feel listened to or heard by the person or people you are speaking to, or you believe they aren’t trying to understand your perspective.
    • You believe you are as important as any other person: not more or less important, but equal.
  • Respect Others, Respect Our Community

    • You ensure that others receive the same respect from you that you are learning to show yourself.
    • You consider other perspectives and the community as a whole while making decisions.
    • You are a welcoming presence in the school – for students (current and prospective), faculty, staff, and parents.
  • Be Authentic

    • You are fully yourself, not pretending to be more or less than you are.
    • You can forgive yourself for being a less than perfect person and student.
    • You learn to separate the emotions you feel about yourself from the ones you feel about others.
  • Say "Yes"

    • Your default is to say yes to activities, lessons, people, and opportunities.
    • You welcome tangents in classes and discussions because they are opportunities to learn.
    • You also say yes so others in our community can enjoy and learn and grow.
  • Learn to Learn Anything

    • You seek answers yourself first when you do not understand. You listen when you do not know the answer.
    • Laugh at your mistakes because failing is necessary for growth.
  • Explore the Interconnectedness of Everything

    • You search for connections among your classes and all events in the world.
    • You understand that we are more alike than different.
    • You share what you know so that all may find connections.
  • Understand There Is No RIGHT Way to Be

    • You are growing and changing and that is challenging and exciting.
    • You resist judging others for being different from you.
    • You practice taking other perspectives