Discover FlexSchool

FlexSchool students are gifted learners. Cloud Campus includes grades 1 – 12 plus a post-graduate year. Physical campuses typically include grades 5 – 12 plus a post-graduate year.
Our students may also have learning challenges and/or emotional struggles; we describe these students as twice-exceptional, or 2e learners.

Our application process is holistic, incorporating academic and psychosocial assessments as well as the perspectives of parents and prospective students. We invite students to apply after we have met with the family and determined that the student and the school community are a good match.

FlexSchool Students...

List of 3 items.

  • Develop Thriving Relationships

    Have the ability to thrive in our relationship-based model.
  • Engage in the Community

    Have a desire to contribute to and engage with a community of peers.
  • Find friends who accept them as they are

    Have a sense of belonging
"Since my son started FlexSchool, we’ve had a big change in the atmosphere at home. It’s hard to place a value on the rebuilding of trust between parent and child."