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What is twice-exceptional (2e)?

The term “twice-exceptional” or “2e” is used to describe intellectually gifted students who also have co-occurring challenges, such as neurological, social-emotional or learning differences or disabilities.
Because gifts and challenges can mask each other and interact in unexpected ways, 2e students often go unrecognized or misidentified, leading to inappropriate placements, inadequate support, and unmet needs. This can cause significant stress and surprising behaviors -- such as acting up, underachieving, or shutting down.

Could My Child Be 2e?

A comprehensive evaluation by a qualified professional is considered the gold standard for identifying students’ strengths and needs. Some families may be able to access testing through their child’s school; others may arrange it privately. 

Because these assessments can be costly and challenging to schedule, you may be wondering whether it’s worthwhile to seek such an evaluation for your child. The free and lower-cost tools below do not take the place of a full neuropsychological or psychoeducational evaluation, but may provide helpful information as you determine the next steps for your child. 

2e Identification Tool Kit

1. Spot the signs
Free 2e Quiz for Parents

2e can present in surprising ways, making it tricky for parents and schools to identify and support 2e students’ needs. This confidential online tool is designed to support recognition of some common 2e presentations.

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2. Gather data
Gifted Testing for Students

The CogAT is a test commonly used by schools to identify students for gifted programs. The CogAT does not take the place of a full evaluation, but can provide helpful data about your child‘s reasoning abilities as you consider next steps.

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3. Find a professional
2e Community Referral Network

If your child is struggling, finding a 2e-informed professional can make all the difference. As a free resource to families, we are pleased to accept and share referrals provided by our 2e community of parents and professionals.

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Support 2e at Your Child’s School

Individual learning needs can be hard for schools to meet -- or even recognize! This virtual workshop series offers expert advice on how to identify, communicate and advocate for your child’s needs, with topics such as:

  • How to uncover helpful data points that can be used to support your child’s needs
  • Accommodations that really work for 2e learners
  • Tools and tips for effective communication with your child’s school

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