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“Watching our 2e child develop so differently from the other kids can feel so isolating. Finally discovering that we're not the only ones has been game-changing!” -Parent 

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Who: Emily Kircher-Morris, LPC
Why we love it: Emily brings equal parts empathy and expertise to every episode, thanks to her own experiences as a gifted student, as well as her dual Masters degrees in Counseling and Education. The conversations are unfailingly fascinating, and her guests are neurodivergent people and leaders in the fields of psychology, education and beyond. 

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It’s Not a Behavior Problem – It’s an Identity Crisis

By Jacqui Byrne
Gifted kids may believe their self-worth comes from their impressive abilities. But what happens when they’re faced with a challenge that exceeds their talents?

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  • 2e News

    2e News, the new home of the former 2e Newsletter
  • Bright & Quirky

    Bright & Quirky website: Help your bright child thrive, even with aspergers, learning disabilities, social, emotional, and/or behavioral challenges.
  • Child Mind Institute

    The Child Mind Institute
    We are an independent nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of children struggling with mental health and learning disorders.
  • Eye to Eye

    Eye to Eye, unlocking Greatness in the 1 in 5 who learn differently.
    A website run by and for people with learning and attention issues.
  • Hoagies Gifted

    Hoagies Gifted, the "all things gifted" website

    The Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills (PEERS®) is world-renowned for providing evidence-based social skills programs to preschoolers, adolescents, and young adults who are interested in developing and maintaining close friendships and/or romantic relationships.

    First developed at UCLA by PEERS® Clinic director, Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson, the program has expanded to locations across the United States, has been translated into over a dozen languages, and is used in over 150 countries across the globe.
  • SENG - Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted

    SENG - Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted
    At SENG, supporting the gifted individual is our priority: gifted individuals of all races and cultures, all genders and sexualities, all economic backgrounds, and all ages. Every gifted person has unique needs and traits. SENG works to create a world where giftedness is better understood and gifted needs can be met.
  • Social Thinking

    SocialThinking.com: Helping over 1 million educators, clinicians and families around the world. Strategies to teach essential life skills including social emotional learning.
  • TECA - Twice Exceptional Childrens' Advocacy

    TECA - Twice Exceptional Childrens' Advocacy.
    TECA offers an array of online support groups and
    workshops throughout the calendar year, and all site
    visitors are welcome to participate in TECA’s online
    events. Support groups and workshops are facilitated by
    professionals who have experience and knowledge in
    topic areas related to the needs of 2e children and their
    families. Dates and meeting times of TECA support groups
    and workshops are posted on the TECA calendar. TECA
    members pay a reduced fee for all TECA support groups
    and workshops.
  • Tilt Parenting

    More than 20 percent of today’s children are in some way neurodivergent, or what Tilt founder Debbie Reber calls, “differently wired.” Tilt Parenting works to change the way neurodifferences in children — ADHD, learning disabilities, autism, giftedness, processing challenges, twice-exceptionality, and more — are perceived and experienced so these exceptional children, and the parents raising them, can thrive in their schools, their families, and in their lives.
  • Understood.org

    Understood is the leading nonprofit empowering the 70 million people with learning and thinking differences in the United States.
  • With Understanding Comes Calm

    Bringing out the best in 2e kids & adults

    Looking for guidance to support the twice-exceptional loved ones in your life? You’ve come to the right place.