Application Process

How to Apply to FlexSchool

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  • Step 1: Inquire & Attend a Virtual Open House

    Please fill out our inquiry form so we can reach out to have an initial conversation about whether FlexSchool might be a good fit for your child. Let us know if your child needs a new school soon; we save appointment slots for students who need to switch schools during the current academic year.

    Please attend one of our open houses for prospective families. Open houses and tours are listed on our Visit Us page.
  • Step 2: Family Consultation & Student Interview

    We will invite you for a family consultation and student interview. It is very helpful to have you submit relevant documentation, such as educational assessments, college admission tests, neuropsychological assessments, IEPs, 504s, and report cards, prior to the appointment but it is not essential this early in the process.

    During our family consultation, we can discuss tuition estimates, financial assistance options, and where to get information about school district funding. For more information about these topics, please contact Sarah Seeney at
  • Step 3: Spend a Shadow Day

    We will invite your child to spend a shadow day, either on one of our campuses or via our Cloud Classroom. After we have reviewed all documentation to ensure we can provide any necessary support, if we all agree that your student would be a good fit for FlexSchool, AND if he/she/they wants to apply, we will send you a link to our application.

Rolling Admissions

We recognize that our students may be seeking a school change at any point during the school year and, therefore, we review applications and continue to enroll students throughout the current school year on a space-available basis. Applicants will typically be notified of our decision within two weeks of applying.

Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition costs are calculated on a yearly basis, with summer school/ESY billed separately. For students who join after the academic year has begun. tuition is calculated by the number of weeks remaining in the school year. FlexFridays and our annual week in Vermont are included in tuition.

Infrequently, a child will need services that are not included in tuition, all of which you will know about before you sign a contract. For example, if your child wants a private language class or needs more intensive private instructional support, those charges are added to the tuition.

If you need financial aid to afford FlexSchool and you are not being funded by a school district, you will be asked to fill out the School and Student Services (SSS) application, which calculates an Estimated Family Contribution (EFC). We cannot guarantee that we can meet 100% of a family’s need, but we will come as close as we can.


FlexSchool is proud to award three annual scholarships to incoming high school students. The Maddie Sanford Scholarship, the William Morse Scholarship, and the Founder's Scholarship all cover half the cost of tuition and extend through a student’s entire career at FlexSchool. FlexSchool awards one of these scholarships per campus every year.