Berkeley Heights, NJ


FlexSchool is specifically designed to help smart and quirky kids thrive. Students at our Berkeley Heights, NJ campus enjoy in-person learning led by a team of educators who understand the unique needs of gifted and twice-exceptional (GT/LD) students. 

Our Berkeley Heights campus serves middle and high school students in North-Central New Jersey. Students enjoy discussion-based classes, experiential learning, and support from learning specialists and counselors. 

  • Emphasize finding joy in learning
  • Meet students where they are
  • Reduce school-related struggles for students and parents
  • Value and respect differences and quirks
  • Celebrate growth at every rate

Campus Life

  • Location: Our Berkeley Heights campus is easy to access from many major highways and features a variety of community resources within walking distance. Our neighbors include the Wharton School for Performing Arts, as well as the Berkeley Heights YMCA. Snyder Avenue Park is a few blocks away, where students enjoy gym class activities in the warmer months. 
  • Classrooms: Our bright and spacious building combines open-concept classrooms with walled classrooms, and each space has a unique name inspired by fictional worlds. We offer comfortable seating options such as couches and bean bags along with conventional tables and chairs. Our Berkeley Heights campus is also equipped with an engineering shop that hosts our Applied Engineering and Woodshop courses.
  • Community Spaces: Berkeley Heights students have access to four community spaces, including an outdoor patio. In these areas, students are invited to take breaks and socialize.
  • Events: FlexSchool students enjoy a variety of community events such as talent shows, presentations, and guest speakers at our Berkeley Heights campus. Past events have included the student-organized arts festival, FlexibleFestival, and our fall Harvest Fest which families were invited to attend as well!

Connecting Across Campuses

Engage with our entire network of gifted and 2e learners throughout the school year!

  • Adventure Week: Each year, students from all FlexSchool campuses are invited to come together for either an overnight trip to Vermont or a Virtual Advenure Week! With an emphasis on team building, this special week allows students to connect with FlexSchool friends and faculty across campuses. 
  • Events and Extracurriculars: Field trips, clubs, and events such as our annual Prom provide opportunities for FlexSchool students from all campuses to further strengthen a sense of belonging in our community.
  • Network-Wide Classes: During our unique FlexFriday schedule, students have the opportunity to take creative electives and life-skills classes with peers from all campuses.
Joining Our Berkeley Heights Community
Students from all over New Jersey have found their fit at our Berkeley Heights Campus. FlexSchool’s admissions department is experienced at working with district placements and is able to provide the necessary paperwork for school choice.
FlexSchool is proud to offer financial aid to those who qualify.
Meet Our Leadership
    • Laurie Berg, Head of School

Laurie Berg
Head of School
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Sabreen Rasheed
Asst. Head of School
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