Bronxville, NY


FlexSchool is specially designed to help smart and quirky kids thrive. At our Bronxville, NY campus, students enjoy in-person learning led by a team of highly dedicated educators who understand gifted and twice-exceptional (GT/LD) students

Our Bronxville campus serves students in grades 5-12+ from Westchester County, NY, New York City, and surrounding areas. Students enjoy discussion-based classes, experiential learning, and support from learning specialists and counselors. 

  • Emphasize finding joy in learning
  • Meet students where they are
  • Reduce school-related struggles for students and parents
  • Value and respect differences and quirks
  • Celebrate growth at every rate

Campus Life

  • Location: Our Bronxville campus is located on the beautiful Iona College campus in Westchester County, NY, just 15 miles from midtown Manhattan.
  • Classrooms: Our classrooms are colorful, cozy, and fidget-friendly. Comfortable seating options such as bean bags are widely available alongside more conventional seating and workspaces.
  • Community Spaces: Bronxville students have access to several comfy community spaces, plus outdoor picnic and play areas. Students are invited to take breaks and socialize in these spaces. Our new sensory space is a huge hit with our neurodivergent population!
  • Events: FlexSchool students enjoy a variety of community events at our Bronxville location including talent shows, presentations, and guest speakers. Past events have included field days, Guided Passion Project gallery walks, graduations and rising up ceremonies, which families were invited to attend as well!

Connecting Across Campuses

Engage with our entire network of gifted and 2e learners throughout the school year!

Adventure Week: Each year, students from all FlexSchool campuses are invited to come together for either a weeklong adventure at a campsite or a Virtual Adventure Week! With an emphasis on team building, this special week allows students to connect with FlexSchool friends and faculty across campuses.  

Events and Extracurriculars: Field trips, clubs, and events such as our annual Prom provide opportunities for FlexSchool students from all campuses to further strengthen a sense of belonging in our community.

Network-Wide Classes: During our unique FlexFriday schedule, students have the opportunity to take creative electives and life-skills classes with peers from all campuses. 

Joining Our Bronxville Community

Students from all over New York have found their fit at our Bronxville Campus! Want to learn more about our Bronxville school community? Simply complete our brief Inquiry Form and our admissions team will be in touch very shortly to answer questions, learn more about your child’s needs, and discuss next steps. FlexSchool is proud to offer financial aid to those who qualify.

Meet Our Leadership

    • Best Gifted School | Best 2e School | 2e Bronxville Head of School
Triona Echevarria
Head of School
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    • Best Twice-Exceptional School | Best 2e School | Bronxville Asst. Head of School
Kristen O'Leary
Asst. Head of School
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