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FlexSchool's Cloud Campus
Launched in 2015, FlexSchool’s Cloud Campus is a vibrant and welcoming learning community where gifted and 2e students from around the globe can form authentic social bonds with their intellectual peers, regardless of location. Our 100% live virtual program combines highly engaging academics, talent development, and experiential learning with the executive functioning and social-emotional support that 2e kids thrive on. The Cloud Campus has its own faculty, school counseling, and leadership team, dedicated to building a strong sense of campus community.

FlexSchool’s Cloud Campus is now enrolling students in the following programs:

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  • Full-Day Elementary Program (grades 2-4)

    Monday-Thursday, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. ET with optional FlexFriday add-on. Gifted and 2e elementary students will enjoy taking deep dives into intellectually stimulating topics and collaborating with classmates, all from the comfort of home.
  • Full-Day Middle and High School Program (grades 5-12+)

    Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. ET. Gifted and 2e middle and high school students in grades 5-12+ will engage in fascinating, high-level discussions and experiential learning among their intellectual peers in a supportive environment.
  • NEW! Half-Day Primary Program (grades K-2)

    Monday-Thursday, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. ET. FlexSchool’s youngest learners will develop critical thinking skills as they grapple with mysteries of science, mathematical concepts, literature and social studies in a hands-on, collaborative, discussion-based class.
  • Part-Time/A La Carte Classes (grades 5-12+)

    Our a la carte menu of 100% live virtual classes can be a great solution for families seeking to supplement a homeschool program, offer gifted-level enrichment, accommodate medical or therapeutic needs, or work around athletic training schedules.
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Is Virtual Learning Right For My Child?

Gifted and twice-exceptional students are often presented with challenges that make a physical classroom setting difficult. Sensory issues and anxiety are common in gifted and talented/learning disabled (GT/LD) students and can often place limitations on engagement and achievement. FlexSchool’s Cloud Campus allows students to learn in an environment that is comfortable for them, allowing them to thrive when supported and engaged by faculty and classmates.

Form Meaningful Relationships on our Cloud Campus

  • Live Classes: No boring worksheets here! All classes on our Cloud campus are taught by live teachers and students are grouped by ability—not age. Lively class discussions, in-the-moment feedback, hands-on learning, and personal connections with teachers are essential elements of virtual learning with FlexSchool.
  • Town Hall: Cloud Campus students and teachers participate in a monthly town hall to learn, connect, and grow as a community.
  • Seminar: Students meet in age-appropriate groups to discuss topics, find solutions, and bond with peers who accept them for who they are. Guided by a licensed counselor, weekly seminars provide Cloud students with an opportunity to learn about themselves, one another, and the world at large.
  • Extracurriculars: Clubs, lunch hang-outs, and student councils have been created by and for our Cloud campus. These student-driven activities invite our learners to explore passions, forge friendships, and contribute to the culture and dynamic of our unique virtual learning community.

Joining Our Cloud Campus

No matter where you are located, our 100% live virtual campus is happy to welcome you. FlexSchool’s admissions department is experienced at working with district placements all over the US and is able to provide the necessary paperwork for school choice and military requirements.
FlexSchool is proud to provide scholarships and financial aid to those who qualify.

We're International!

Connect with students from around the world! FlexSchool is thrilled with our ever-growing international community on our Cloud Campus. We currently have students from Dubai, Germany, Switzerland, Costa Rica, and more. Our international students have full access to our course catalog and can join as full or part-time students. 

We are also happy to assist families on foreign professional or military assignments with the paperwork if they are applying for reimbursement. 

Reach out to learn more about our application process and financial aid for international students.
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