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Learning for the Neurodivergent

Our Students Think Differently

Students who have been diagnosed with ADHD, ASD, and learning challenges think differently. Their challenges are also their strengths, and that knowledge spurs students to work around their brain anomalies to access the gifts that come with them.

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  • Dyslexia

    Students with dyslexia have trouble reading because the letters are not fixed on the page. That same ability allows them to examine objects from any angle, all in their minds.
  • ASD

    Students on the spectrum can struggle with social cues and reading comprehension, yet they can also recognize patterns where no one else sees them and their special interests can blossom into successful careers or avocations
  • ADHD

    Students who struggle with focus in school can have an extraordinary capacity to synthesize information and ideas across disciplines sparking great creativity.
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FlexSchool is a Talent Based Program

In traditional school models, a student’s gifts are ignored while their challenges become the focus of the academic day, often leading to depression and anxiety. FlexSchool is a talent-based program so students can fly where they have gifts and receive support where they struggle. For example, students can be placed in the English class that corresponds to their reading ability with support for writing rather than being placed in a special education class because they have difficulty with writing.
We celebrate neurodiversity, and we hope your child finds a place to thrive here.