GPP Gallery Walk & Food Fair

On Friday, December 2nd, students on the Bronxville campus will be showcasing the progress they’ve made on their Guided Passion Projects with a Gallery Walk. Throughout the 1st Trimester, students have been dedicating time to researching and exploring topics of their own interest. This will be a chance for students to learn about their peers’ projects, and to share their hard work; regardless of where they are in the research process. 
Students on the Bronxville campus have also earned a Flex Food Fair! Students have been working as a group to earn a total of 200,000 points on ClassCraft. Points were allocated by teachers and staff and earned on the basis of success in the following categories: Respect, Best Effort, Preparedness, Focus, and contributing to a Positive Environment. As a reward, students will be able to enjoy food from around the world. Way to go Bronxville!