St. Patricks Day Through Irish Eyes & Feet

Why is St. Patrick’s Day such a widely celebrated holiday, and what makes the Irish such a fierce and proud people? In this virtual "trip" students look through the Irish perspective and catch a glimpse of what the Irish have endured, why St. Patrick is such an important figure to them, and how Celtic culture has sustained their spirit.

In the process, Cloud students will try out Irish dancing, sing Irish songs, and learn about Celtic myths.

In this program, students will go beyond familiar associations of leprechauns and shamrocks to appreciate and understand how St. Patrick drove the Druids from Ireland, the nature of the music that sprang from the harp of Celtic god The Dagda, what occurred on the Hill of Tara, and how the Irish Wheel is a symbol akin to those of Native American cultures. Unraveling the mysterious knots of Irish culture and legacy makes for a fascinating adventure of discovery!