Founder's Scholarship

Next opening for the 2025-2026 school year, the Founder's Scholarship is open to incoming high school students.

It takes a passionate visionary to build a school from scratch.  Our founder is a bravehearted woman who is willing to keep moving forward, even when circumstances get difficult. Her escapades into the unknown required creativity and tenacity, as well as focus on her mission.  Her love of all persons unique and all ideas possible fueled her work, and made FlexSchool what it is today.  These qualities will also see the school into the future as it grows even stronger.

This scholarship is given to one high school student who is a “big picture” thinker, has a spirit of exploration, and has learned how to persevere through challenges in order to make great things happen. It will subsidize half of the student’s tuition for the remainder of his/her/their enrollment at FlexSchool.   
Interested students should contact the school admissions office to receive an application form. Once we have your scholarship application information, it will be shared with the Head of School and reviewed along with your FlexSchool application essay.  We will also schedule a follow up conversation with you to talk about your list. The meeting will be with at least two members of FlexSchool, one whom you have already met.