FlexFriday: Space Travel!

Kristin Taveira
Which planet could float on water? Which moon in our solar system could potentially host alien life?  What releases the energy of 12 million volcanoes? FlexSchool students learned the answers to these questions and many more during a live virtual tour of the solar system with mobile planetarium guide Matther Meyer.
We learned about solar flares, meteor showers, constellations and all eight planets in our solar system (plus Pluto) -- but the ringed planet, Saturn, stole the show. Our guide explained that due to its density, Saturn really could float on water -- assuming you could find enough water to hold a planet! Saturn also has the most moons in the solar system (88!), and its largest moon, Enceladus, may also be the most intriguing: Not only is this icy planet an “ocean moon” -- meaning it’s all water! -- but it also has the chemical building blocks needed for life!