Alexa, Play A Round Of Applause!

Kristin Taveira
This afternoon, students in FlexSchool’s Build Your Own Alexa Skill class celebrated a big accomplishment: A skill they built together is now certified and published by Amazon!
Yesterday, if you were to ask Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa, to tell you about FlexSchool, she would have replied, “I don’t know that.” 

But today, thanks to FlexSchool students, Alexa is now full of answers! Got an Amazon Echo at home? Go to the Alexa app and add the new FlexSchool skill. Then try any of these prompts, and prepare to be impressed (and amused!) by the replies:

“Alexa, ask FlexSchool for a fact.”
“Alexa, ask FlexSchool for a random fact.”
“Alexa, ask FlexSchool to tell me about this skill.”

In Amazon parlance, Alexa’s new tricks are what’s known as a “skill” -- a capability, similar to an app, that enhances Alexa’s knowledge and abilities, so she can provide more information to users.

The students first practiced by building their own skills in the guided programming environment JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). Then the group worked together to create a FlexSchool skill that would actually be published! Students contributed information, opinions and impressions of our school -- and of course, they gave it their signature FlexSchool flair by adding some entertaining random facts. 

Congratulations to Lucy, Sophie, Alex H., Donald, Isabella P., Bennett, Henry, Josh, and thank you to John for ensuring this skill met all the qualifications to be certified and published.

Alexa, play a round of applause!