Overcoming Challenge with Para-Equestrian Alanna Clark

Kristin Taveira
Notice anything unusual about this multi-sport athlete? Alanna Flax-Clark has tried all kinds of sports – from surfing to skiing, kayaking to curling, and rock climbing to ziplining – all despite having a wheelchair! After showing signs of quadriplegia at a young age, Alanna persevered and rebuilt her life – twice! 

The competitive para-equestrian and disability advocate shared her inspiring story during a special FlexFriday virtual visit.
Alanna described the essential role that horses have played in her recovery. Movement and sensory input from the horse can be used to address things such as posture, balance, sensory integration, coordination, and mobility in people with disabilities. Once Alanna started physical therapy in this new way, she wanted to be challenged every single day.

Alanna is now a Grade 2 ParaEquestrian. She’s gone from needing multiple people to hold her on the horse, to multiple wins in the international ring, representing Team USA, Grade 2 National Champion in 2020!