FlexSchool’s Got Talent!

Berkeley Heights
In an exuberant display of creativity, showmanship and humor, 16 performers wowed their families, peers and teachers with music, comedic skits and visual art at the Berkeley Heights FlexSchool Talent Show last Friday.
The show kicked off with a rousing performance of the Muppets “Am I A Man?” by Nico Javan and Skylar Doan. Next up was a lovely rendition of Romeo and Juliet by Zoe Taub followed by a moving operatic solo by Henry Toth. Charlotte Gamble shared her sketchbook and a Q&A about her creative process, followed by the comedic introduction and piano playing of Nicolas Coffee. Benjamin Zealand sang a heartfelt rendition of the Hamilton theme song followed by microphone entertainment from Nico Vargas. 

Everyone enjoyed two songs by teacher Anthony Esposito and intern Ericka Conshue and were amazed by the speed at which Hanson Jiang was able to solve a Rubik's Cube. The program was rounded out by the improv group, Ziad el Jundi, Trevor Leuthner, Kaidan Spearing, and Ben Zealand and the guitar shredding of Eitan Elster-Satz. Works of art by Jack and Roxanne Bielski, Nico Javan, Nicole McDonough, Mariana Poga, and Ben Zealand decorated the walls.  

The show was sponsored by Anthony’s The Big Event class. Programs like this – student-driven, joyous and all-inclusive – are at the heart of the FlexSchool philosophy. Seeing students confidently sharing their passion and being celebrated by families, peers and teachers is truly a gift. Congratulations to all of the talented performers and their proud families!