For Professionals

Struggle with learning despite high intelligence and are at increased risk for dropping out and other unhealthy coping strategies.

Philosophy & Programs

FlexSchool’s philosophy of strengths-based learning in small classes with differentiated instruction allows us to accommodate the needs of our students with disparate abilities.  Many of our students have been frustrated by repetitive work and strict deadlines. Homework has often become punishment, either because the student believes it is boring and useless, because starting or completing work is difficult, or it has become a source of conflict within the home.
In FlexSchool’s mastery-based academic program, students are encouraged to learn at their own pace, helping to avoid the frustration of feeling held back.

The FlexSchool Difference

EF & Support

Executive function skills are explicitly taught and reinforced to our students. Assignments are kept online so they are always accessible and there are no papers to lose or notes (or memories) to depend on.  At the beginning of the academic day, small groups of students are guided by an academic advisor (often one of their teachers) to review what is coming up for the day and identify what the student may need to have the day go more smoothly.  

Therapeutic Support is provided in several ways. Students meet with advisors in the morning and there is a counselor available to intervene or meet with, when necessary. Depending on the type of therapist on each campus, there are group art or writing therapy groups for those who would benefit. Students are encouraged to continue with their current therapeutic team if they have one.
For the right student, FlexSchool encourages intellectual, social and emotional growth. We are happy to speak with you about whether your patient/client is a good fit. We believe it is so important that students who need a different environment go to a school that will support them. Please email for more information or to set up a phone consultation.