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Berkeley Heights

  • Jan

    Road to Revolution - Field trip to Liberty Hall

    On Friday, January 6th, Berkeley Heights students will venture back in time at Liberty Hall. Students will trace the path to the American Revolution from the first stirrings of discontent to the birth of the nation using primary source documents and artifacts from the museum’s collection. In this historic setting, guided by museum educators in period dress, students will explore the geographic, economic, and political factors that led to the revolution. They will also step into the role of a spy and learn about their methods along with a real colonial secret code.
  • Jan

    FlexSchool's Got Talent!

    On Friday, January 13th, students on the Berkeley Heights campus will dedicate their afternoon to a school-wide talent show! This is a great opportunity for students to take the spotlight and showcase their many skills. Whether it be through song, poetry, or comedy, it is guaranteed to be a fun-filled event. If you have an act to contribute, speak to Anthony!
  • Jan

    Sand Lab - Oceans to go!

    On Friday, January 20th, Berkeley Heights students will be visited by the NJ Sea Grant Consortium (NJSC). NJSC operates under the mission of promoting the wise use of New Jersey’s marine and coastal resources. Students will learn where sand comes from, what it is made from and how it gets to the Jersey Shore. A laboratory will be set up on campus and students will use microscopes and hand lenses to investigate sand samples from near and far. “Make and take” activities include sand wheels, sand art, and sand cards.
  • Jan

    NJ's Watershed w/ Great Swamp Educators

    On Friday, January 27th, educators from the Great Swamp will visit the Berkeley Heights campus to bring students a hands-on water quality testing program. With a demonstration using their Enviroscape three-dimensional model of a community, and a topographic model of the Great Swamp Watershed, students will be guided through the “real” water cycle. The presentation includes discussions of what a watershed is, where our drinking water comes from, where our wastewater goes, and best practices to reduce our impact on local waterways. Their visit will be followed up by a field trip in the Spring!
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