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  • May

    FlexFriday: FlexAmbassadors

    FlexAmbassadors are moderating an afternoon of small-group, creative problem-solving. FlexAmbassadors have planned short and long-term challenges and will direct the programming for the day. 
  • FlexFriday: Stories From Indian Mythology

    Bronxville students got to choose their own Indian adventure for this week’s FlexFriday. FlexSchool parent Yashwardhini name gave students a variety of topics to choose from for her virtual visit — live from India! Students took a vote and chose “Stories from Indian Mythology.” For an added real-world, hands-on connection, a mini-exhibit of physical objects and photos that were brought back from a trip to India will also be on display at the Bronxville campus.
  • FlexFriday: Trivia Challenge

    Cloud Community Building: Join Trivia Master Kasey this FlexFriday for a Trivia Battle! Topics will include music, science, sports, and more! Students will be broken into teams and will work together to answer questions.

    Get your brains ready to join the fun!
  • May

    Parent Workshop - Mindfulness Strategies

    All FlexSchool parents are invited to participate in this workshop on Mindfulness Strategies, lead by FlexSchool School Counselors. This online workshop will be held in Caroline Schuepbach's RingCentral room.
  • May

    FlexFriday: Multidisciplinary Artist Polina Porras

    Join us for a journey through the artwork of Polina Porras, a multidisciplinary artist. We will explore what it means to be a multidisciplinary artist as we look and talk about her puppets, paintings and performances. In her work, Polina researches her Mexican roots through important rites of passage, folk tales and traditions. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions and make an Alebrije puppet.
  • FlexFriday: The Medieval Court

    The Medieval Court - Art of Castles and Towns
    Enter the world of splendid medieval castles, knights, and tournaments! Students will take a guided tour of The Met Cloisters and compare luxurious arts, such as tapestries and metalwork, which adorned the great banquet halls, with new forms of art made for merchants and tradesmen in medieval towns. 
  • FlexFriday: The Trojan Horse Story

    Dr. Vasiliki Tsigas-Fotinis will lead Berkeley Heights students through an afternoon exploring Greek mythology. Students will enjoy the project-based learning method of The Trojan Horse Story, as it is reenacted with student participation, props and technology. Discussion will bring the big idea full circle to our present time.
  • May

    Parent Support Group

    Bronxville Parent Support Groups meet the second Tuesday of the month at 9:30 a.m. in Theresa's RingCentral room.
  • Parent Support Group

    Cloud Classroom Parent Support Groups will be held the third Tuesday of the month from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM in Caroline's RingCentral room.
  • May

    Berkeley Heights Parent Support Group

    The Berkeley Heights Parent Support Group will be held on the third Wednesday of each month at noon. The support group focuses on topics related to the unique experiences that accompany the parenting of twice-exceptional children. The purpose of this group is to foster a community built upon a foundation of empathetic understanding while providing an avenue for establishing social networks among members who share common experiences and concerns. 
  • May

    FlexFriday: Guest Speaker Elizabeth Petersen

    Liz is a friend of Liam and Laurie, and an inspiring young person with an amazing story! Liz was a homeschooled high schooler who now simultaneously runs a highly successful game shop, runs tournaments such as Magic the Gathering, Pokémon and D&D, all while maintaining another career AND attending college on a scholarship! We are honored that Liz carved out time in her incredibly busy schedule to visit our students.

    Liz will share the fascinating story of how she:
    • forged this unconventional path for herself
    • told her story in a way that got colleges to notice her
    • and built these incredible successes – all by the ripe old age of 23!
  • FlexFriday: The Vikings

    Long imagined as little more than violent marauders, Vikings also had sophisticated governing systems, attention to personal hygiene, and unparalleled maritime skills.  What stories and artifacts did the Vikings leave behind, and what can they tell us about the mythologized culture of the Norse who crisscrossed the Atlantic centuries before Columbus? 
  • May

    Guided Passion Projects Showcase

    Bronxville students will showcase their Guided Passion projects
  • May


    FlexSchool Berkeley Heights and Bronxville high school prom night
  • May

    Memorial Day Weekend - No Classes

    Memorial Day Weekend - no classes

    Memorial Day
  • May

    Memorial Day Weekend - No Classes

    Memorial Day Weekend - no classes

    Memorial Day
  • May

    Memorial Day Weekend - No Classes

    Memorial Day Weekend - no classes

    Memorial Day
  • May

    Memorial Day Weekend - No Classes

    Memorial Day Weekend - no classes

    Memorial Day
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