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  • Creative Writing on the Cloud

    Lynne visited Dan Greene’s Literary Studio class this week and left inspired! Students are working on their creative writing this trimester and shared some really interesting writing projects. Lynne was quite impressed with their work, which included an original screenplay, song lyrics interpretations, a hand-made bound book, video game fan fiction, and a “spec script” for a current TV sitcom. These students have certainly hit their creative stride by harnessing their strengths and interests!
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  • Cloud Students Share Their Passions Through GPP

    Cloud students are gearing up to share their Guided Passion Projects (GPP) after a year of exploration, planning, experimentation, and hard work! GPP is a year-long exploration of a topic that is of interest to the student, culminating in the development of a tangible expression of the knowledge gained during this exploration. This year, Cloud students’ GPP choices ranged from choreography and graphic design to coding and engineering with Arduino. GPP presentations will begin next week during Town Hall! 
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  • SNL Comic Responds to Bronxville students’ “Deep Thoughts”

    All year, students in Jackie Silvestri's Creative Writing Through The Arts classes at FlexSchool's Bronxville location have been studying the art of writing comedy. So, when it came to considering the notion that "Brevity is the soul of wit”, students looked to the writings of Jack Handey, specifically, his Deep Thoughts, which were featured on Saturday Night Live in short, faux-meditative segments, and for which Jack Handey was a writer for many seasons.
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  • Volunteering for a Better Earth

    On Friday, our Bronxville students traveled to Rye Nature Center for an afternoon of cleaning up litter and clearing out invasive plant species such as garlic mustard — a plant that is not harmful to humans but contains a chemical that kills the roots of native plants and quickly takes over the forest floor.
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  • Cloud Students Get Hands-On for the Earth

    Cloud students in Liz’s Environmental Science class are focusing on innovations to help mitigate environmental concerns. Recently, the class designed an experiment to test the rate of decomposition of various materials used to make straws including plastic, paper, bamboo, agave, and coconut fiber.
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  • Bronxville Bizarre Bazaar Raises Over $1,400!

    Thank you so much to everyone – our students, parents, and faculty, and especially the Bronxville student council and fearless leader Jenna – who came together to make this event such an incredible success! We are so proud of our students, who displayed amazing initiative, professionalism, and creativity as they provided a delightful array of food, handmade wares, games, and activities at the first-ever Bizarre Bazaar.

    Congratulations to our hardworking students on raising $1,457 for the student council in just two hours! 
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  • See, Think, Wonder at FlexSchool

    Our fifth and sixth-grade students recently learned about temperature changes in the Middle Ages through the 20th century in Europe and made inferences about them from a graph by completing a “See, Think, Wonder” – a Visual Thinking Routine from Harvard Graduate School of Education. 

    During the activity, our students were deeply engaged while looking at, analyzing, and taking notes on the graph. 

    Here's what they had to say about the experience:
    • "I wanted to let you know that this isn't my least favorite class anymore." 
    • "Yeah, I agree. It's nice that students get to talk and lead the class to examine stuff like this graph. I can see what it's about and make observations about it even if it's not always right. It's more fun than sitting while a teacher talks at you about what you should know." 
    • "Yeah, I like that too! That's why this is my favorite class."
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  • Digital Quilt

    One of the most fruitful lessons of the Civil Rights Movement was that it takes everyone working together to achieve significant social change. Another was that American diversity is a strength and something to be proud of. In that spirit, FlexSchool’s Cloud Campus students came together from multiple locations around the globe to create a digital quilt commemorating the events of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States, and honoring the diverse contributions of history-makers in Black political, athletic, religious, cultural and creative communities.
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  • FlexSchool Goes To Broadway!

    Last week, FlexSchool students were invited to embark on a special multi-campus field trip, making the journey by train to New York City to witness the enchanting Broadway musical "How to Dance in Ohio." This thought-provoking production, which stars seven autistic actors, explores the universal themes of self-discovery, acceptance, and the joy of embracing life's challenges. Here’s what some of our students had to say about the experience:
    • "I liked it a lot."
    • "It was incredible!"
    • "I'm sad that it's not continuing on Broadway for longer."
    • "Favorite musical ever. I loved it! It is good for the public to see a musical about autism."
    • "I really like that the actors were really nice after the show when we got to meet them. I also liked how they represented some different traits of autism and mentioned that there are many more."
    • "I felt very seen."
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  • FlexSchool Core Values In Action At Bronxville

    FlexSchool Bronxville has been learning about the current housing crisis in New York City. Over 100,000 people are seeking temporary shelter, and many are refugees of the climate crisis. Our community came together to respond, collecting several boxes of nonperishable foods, and over 40 items of winter clothing like coats, hats, and sweaters. On top of that, Haleigh's Cooking Up History class made 52 bagged lunches to distribute, using ingredients that were generously donated by Geoffrey Fischer, a chef and FlexSchool parent. All donated goods are being dispersed at emergency shelters throughout the Bronx and Manhattan. The winter clothing and food drive will continue through the cold weather, and we are especially looking for boots and socks right now. The FlexSchool community is doing our best to live our values of respect and exploring the interconnectedness of all people.
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  • Next Step for Juniors: Book Your Family College Counseling Session

    Thank you to everyone who joined us for last week’s College Counseling Kickoff. We loved having our FlexSchool alumni back to share their college experiences, and our college counselor Trudy Hanmer gave a highly informative overview of the application process. (Missed the session? View the recording here: College Night Jan. 2024). Your next step is to schedule your family’s individual college counseling session. Please email to choose your date and time. Thank you!
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  • Cloud Welcomes Andrew Iemsisanith

    We are so pleased to introduce the newest member of our Cloud Campus faculty, Andrew Iemsisanith. Andrew holds a degree in Financial Mathematics and Statistics from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and brings several years of experience in teaching mathematics. He is passionate about guiding students, aiding them in skill development, and helping them achieve their academic milestones. Andrew creates a learning environment where students feel at ease posing questions, encouraging engagement with new concepts. His primary objective is to empower students to enhance their problem-solving abilities. By instilling confidence, Andrew aims to equip students with the skills to analyze unfamiliar challenges, allowing them to find effective solutions.

    Welcome, Andrew!
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  • ADDitude Features New Article by FlexSchool's Kasey Suitor

    We are thrilled to share that another wonderful article by Cloud campus learning specialist and teacher Kasey Suitor is featured in ADDitude: The True Value of ADHD Side Quests, Rabbit Holes, and Tangents. Kasey writes, “Side quests, I say, are not wasteful. Even within video games, you can earn rewards for playing side quests and gain skills that eventually aid in completing the main quest. If you shut off the game after finishing a handful of side quests, without so much as attempting the main quest, you would still consider it a success, if not a good time.” 
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