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  • Spreading 2e Pride!

    Bronxville 10th grader Ari brought in 20 handmade buttons with this fantastic message to share with all of our 2E students.  Ari got the idea when his aunt was visiting and brought a button maker. “I wanted people to be comfortable with who they are, and making a pin out of it is a good way to show that,” Ari says. He made about 25 pins, enough for all of our 2e students and teachers. Each was individually handwritten and colored with crayon. “Most of the kids seemed to want them! Some put them on their backpacks, and others on their clothing.” You are neurodiverse and proud — and we are proud of you!
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  • Sharing The Fruits Of Their Labor

    If you dig something up from the soil on Mars, is it still called “unearthing”? FlexSchool students dug into this and other fun debates as they dug for crops they’d planted in the spring on a recent FlexFriday service day.

    Harvesting potatoes is surprisingly fun: First you use a spading fork to gently rock the plant back and forth to loosen the roots. Then you search through the soil for potatoes. There’s a little thrill when you spot one – almost like an Easter egg hunt. 

    And it’s even better when it’s for a great cause: Everything we grow at the Pleasantville Community Garden goes directly to local food pantries. 

    We can’t think of a nicer way to spend a gorgeous autumn afternoon!
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  • Eeeek! Exploring The Icky Side Of Ecosystems

    This enormous Madagascar hissing cockroach was just the first of five creepy creatures -- including a tarantula, a frog and more --  that this brave museum educator handled live, all for the benefit of our latest FlexFriday program. 

    In this two-campus event, our live guide from the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum and the Leslie Nature Center, introduced FlexSchool students to an entire cast of characters who each play a key role in a food chain. Students were then invited to create a paper model of the food chain themselves.

    Along this guided tour up the food chain, we discussed how these animals are all connected, and learned about the delicate balance that allows them to survive both individually and as wildlife sharing a habitat.

    This discussion tied in beautifully to FlexSchool’s theme of the year, which was introduced earlier that morning during Town Hall: Systems.
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  • New Hires

    FlexSchool, the first global network in gifted and twice-exceptional (2e) education, announces two additions to the school’s leadership team. These two exceptional educators bring a wealth of experience and a record of demonstrated excellence in school leadership. 

    Donna Ruggiero, Berkeley Heights Head of School
    Donna, who has been consulting with FlexSchool since February and was instrumental in the campus reopening process during the Covid-19 pandemic, brings three decades of experience in education, including ten years of leadership in independent schools. She has experience in a wide range of academic settings. Donna was a teacher of special education in a public school in Somerville, Massachusetts, chaired the religion and philosophy departments at The Pennington School and Stuart Country Day School in the Princeton area, was Dean of Students at Miss Hall’s School, Assistant Head for Student Life at Purnell School, and most recently Associate Head of School at The Albany Academies. She also worked as an Assistant Director at Princeton Center for Leadership Training and is a National Association of Independent School Aspiring Heads Fellow. Donna has a Master of Theological Study at Harvard Divinity School, and a Master’s degree in Counseling Services from Rider University. She will begin her new role as Berkeley Heights Head of School in July of 2021.

    “The progressive thought, the positive energy, the joy, and the absolute commitment to putting the students first and ‘meeting them where they are’ has made me fall in love with FlexSchool, and I am thrilled to be taking on this new position with this amazing team,” Donna says.
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  • The FlexSchool Bubble Factory

    At FlexSchool, we love hands-on, project-based learning! This week, FlexSchoolers were challenged to transform math class into their own bubble factory. They applied their math skills to every stage – from calculating their daily output, to comparing shipping rates to making and testing a real bubble solution. Who knew math class could be so much fun?
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  • Growing Goodness

    Students from both FlexSchool campuses rolled up their sleeves for a FlexFriday volunteer day at the Pleasantville Community Garden, which grows fresh, nutritious food for donation to local food pantries – an important component of a crucial food supply that might otherwise only include nonperishable and canned foods.
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  • Earth Day!

    Earth day came just in time for our World Literature students to start a unit on nature and poetry. For this activity, students were asked to get outside and appreciate nature through photography. They then put on the poet hats and tried their hands at descriptive word association. We love the different approaches to each photo!
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  • Reopening News

    FlexSchool is excitedly preparing to welcome all students to our physical campuses! Throughout the pandemic, we have offered our students a wide variety of ways to connect – both virtually and in person. Our staff is busily preparing our buildings to allow our entire student body to begin attending school together. Our projected date is April 26, for both a full reopening of the Berkeley Heights campus, and the beginning of a phased merger of the two cohorts at our Bronxville location. We can’t wait!
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  • How To Spark A Movement

    FlexSchool was honored to host Mike and Nick Fiorito, the founders of 501(c)3 nonprofit Blankets of Hope, for a live Q&A with our students about how to take an idea from the concept stage all the way to reality.
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  • Overcoming Challenge with Para-Equestrian Alanna Clark

    Kristin Taveira
    Notice anything unusual about this multi-sport athlete? Alanna Flax-Clark has tried all kinds of sports – from surfing to skiing, kayaking to curling, and rock climbing to ziplining – all despite having a wheelchair! After showing signs of quadriplegia at a young age, Alanna persevered and rebuilt her life – twice! 

    The competitive para-equestrian and disability advocate shared her inspiring story during a special FlexFriday virtual visit.
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  • Otzi, a 5,300-year-old mummy

    Solving Ancient Mysteries with DNA

    Kristin Taveira
    Meet our oldest FlexFriday visitor ever: Otzi – a 5,300-year-old mummy with a mysterious past. FlexSchool students got to meet Otzi and learn about DNA science on a virtual visit to Cold Spring Harbor Lab.
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  • FlexTimes January Issue

    Jane Banta
    Better late than never, the Frosted Flex Issue of The Flex Times is here! Their most recent issue includes a very “punny” staff editorial, which staff members new and old contributed to as a team in order to wish everyone happy and healthy holidays. Enjoy a winter-themed crossword and poetry, a guide to smiley faces, a game review, and several wonderful art projects.
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  • Creativity Unleashed!

    Kristin Taveira
    What do functioning gears, sturdy dorm furniture and a pair of goggles have in common? They can all be crafted out of cardboard! At a special all-campus event, The Cardboard Carpentry Workshop, FlexSchool students got a crash course in creative cardboard engineering and artistry from entrepreneur Zachary Rotholz -- and then got a chance to put their new skills into action.
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