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  • Oct

    FlexFriday: Andrew Jackson's Hermitage

    In preparation for our upcoming event with the The Redhawk Native American Arts Council later this month, Bronxville and Cloud  students will explore the history and culture of tribes that were uprooted and forced to relocate in the 1830s. What policies and events led up to this outcome? What can we do to ensure this dark chapter in American history won’t be repeated? Students will examine these questions and more during a FlexFriday virtual visit to Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage. 
  • Oct

    FlexFriday: Fight For Your Rights

    In the Fight For Your Rights digital school tour, students will explore the Civil Rights era and connect it to social movements throughout time. Our time-travel guides will take students back to the past where they will meet leaders of the Voting Rights movement of 1946 and the Atlanta Sit-In movement of 1960. Students will participate in self-guided, choose-your-own-journey digital experiences to experiment with nonviolent activism, complete with videos of our theatre education team embodying exciting historical figures!

    The real show begins with our LIVE recreation of the 1961 Freedom Rides. This digitized, immersive theatre experience is unlike any Zoom call you’ve had before. Students will have the ride of their lives, complete with historical performances, video footage, audio clips, and a talkback discussion inspiring the next generation of citizens to take action in their communities.
  • Oct

    PSATs Administered

    PSATs will be administered on-site at the Berkeley Heights and Bronxville campuses.
  • Oct

    FlexFriday: U.S. Diplomat Iris Lewit

    U.S. diplomat (and FlexSchool parent!) Iris Lewit will pay a virtual visit to share what it's like living in different countries around the world, learning about cultures and connecting with new families and new friends every two years.
  • Oct

    Parent Support Group

    Bronxville Parent Support Groups meet the second Tuesday of the month at 9:30 a.m.
  • Oct

    FlexFriday: The Magic Of Magic

    Bronxville students will get a peak behind the curtain and learn "the magic of magic," when full-time professional magician "Magic Dave" Ferst pays a FlexFriday visit. Magic Dave has been involved with magic for over two decades. He has developed his own unique style, coupling the strong roots of magic as well as the new age of magic and illusion. In addition to being a sought after performer, Dave is an accomplished  instructor who teaches magic workshops for both children and adults. 
  • Oct

    FlexFriday: The Red Hawk Native American Arts Council

    FlexSchool will host an exciting multi-campus event this week by The Red Hawk Native American Arts Council. Bronxville students will travel by bus to the Berkeley Heights campus to share an enriching afternoon of cultural exploration through traditional creative arts such as storytelling, dance and crafts.
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