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  • Sep

    FlexFriday: Cornell “Lord Judah” Carelock

    Cornell “Lord Judah” Carelock will join the Bronxville Campus from the ArtsWestchester artist residency program. He will guide the students in crafting a collaborative beat and lead us in a mindfulness music practice. For years he has worked with youth to create participatory experiences utilizing music and visual art. His workshop will encourage students to write about a positive future.
  • Sep

    "Catch of the Day" Seining Program

    On Friday morning, Bronxville students are heading to the Hudson River to learn from expert scientists at the Urban River center in Yonkers. Staff and students will drag a 30-foot seine net into the river to catch various species of fish, crab, shrimp, jellyfish and more! Students will help record data which provides critical insight into the health and well-being of the Hudson. Students will also have the opportunity to explore the marsh. Chest waders will be provided to keep us dry - but we strongly recommend that students come to school with long pants and socks on. Lunch will be eaten on site, so please remember to pack a bagged lunch!
  • Sep

    "My Personal Planet" Collaging with Savannah Green

    Artist Savannah Green will be joining the Bronxville campus on September 23rd. She will lead the students in a collaging project entitled, “My Personal Planet.” Using different materials, students will brainstorm how they imagine their ideal planet. This hands-on activity will allow students to get creative and learn about the forgiving art of collaging. Students are encouraged to bring photos, magazines, or paper materials from home that they would like to incorporate. Glue can get messy - so please dress accordingly!
  • Sep

    Parent Back-to-School Night

    Join us on campus for Back-to-School Night

  • Sep

    A Trip to the Science Barge

    On September 30th, Bronxville students and staff will be boarding the Science Barge - a floating urban farm docked in Yonkers, NY. The Science Barge utilizes solar power, wind power, and rainwater to sustain many different hydroponic systems all while recycling and composting all of their waste. Students will learn about off the grid agriculture and get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run this oasis of sustainability.
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