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  • Ease 2e Pressure with Two Mindset Shifts

    Jacqui Byrne
    The life of a 2e kid (a gifted kid with co-occurring challenges), can be marked by chronic disconnect – between what they need vs. what they receive; between how they’re perceived vs. what they actually experience. All of this can lead to startling behaviors that can leave the whole family feeling off balance.

    If you’re new to this 2e journey and are feeling a little overwhelmed, you’re not alone. As a parent of 2e kids myself, I’ve felt those feelings on my similar journey. I’ve come a long way since then – from learning to understand my own kids, to advocating for their needs, to eventually founding a tiny 2e school that has grown from single digits to over 100 students!
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  • Bright Kid Acting Up, Underachieving or Shutting Down?

    Jacqui Byrne
    Is it a behavior problem – or an identity crisis?
    Do you have a child who seems smart, yet is struggling at school? Maybe your child is refusing schoolwork – or even school itself. Maybe your child’s grades don’t seem to reflect their true abilities. Or maybe you’ve been getting calls from the school describing your child as disruptive, disrespectful, or careless.
    When the adults in a child’s life see these kinds of behaviors, they may interpret it as defiance, laziness or perhaps hormones run amock. But there may be something else going on – especially if the student is intellectually gifted. (It’s not always obvious who is gifted, so if the description above resonated with you – keep reading!). 
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  • New Article by FlexSchool's Kasey Suitor Featured in ADDitude

    We are thrilled to share that another wonderful article by Cloud campus learning specialist and teacher Kasey Suitor is featured in ADDitude: The True Value of ADHD Side Quests, Rabbit Holes, and Tangents. Kasey writes, “Side quests, I say, are not wasteful. Even within video games, you can earn rewards for playing side quests and gain skills that eventually aid in completing the main quest. If you shut off the game after finishing a handful of side quests, without so much as attempting the main quest, you would still consider it a success, if not a good time.”
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