Cultural Explorations on FlexFriday

As we prepare for a special multi-campus event with the Red Hawk Native American Arts Council later this month, our respective campuses have been busy exploring different parts of Native American history and culture.
Berkeley Heights students attended a Boonshoft Museum of Discovery program on Native Cultures of North America. Anna Helmig, a curator at the museum, brought the students through an overview of the various North American geographic areas and the indigenous people of each region. She handled priceless, historical artifacts from each region and spoke knowledgeably and eloquently about each group's characteristic art and culture.

Bronxville and Cloud students attended a presentation by Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage on the Trail of Tears. In-person students were also provided with a variety of media, such as collage, origami and other crafts, to create depictions of the lifestyles of the five tribes that were forced to relocate by the U.S. government – and were invited to think about how we can ensure that the mistakes of this dark chapter in American history are never repeated. 

Next week, we’ll explore the history of people who have taken a stand against oppression!